NEWS 2018

Beyond the sweetness
Nectar as an interface between plants and their pollinators in the genus Fritillaria (Liliaceae)

Katarzyna ROGUZ1, Andrzej BAJGUZ2, Magdalena CHMUR2, Agnieszka GOŁEBIEWSKA2, Agata ROGUZ3, Laurence HILL4, Marcin ZYCH1

1Botanic Garden, Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland
2Department of Plant Biochemistry and Toxicology, Faculty of Biology and Chemistry, Institute of Biology, University of Bialystok, Bialystok, Poland
3Feature Forest, Trzy Lipy 3, 80-172 Gdańsk, Poland
4Petersham, Lodge, Richmond, United Kingdom

Roguz Poster 2018

Poster presented at:
Polish Evolutionary Conference 26-28 September 2018
Centre of New Technologies, Banacha 2c, 02-097 Warsaw

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