NEWS 2021

Fritillaria rugillosa (subgen. Rhinopetalum; Liliaceae): a new species from the Fergana Valley, southern Kyrgyzstan

Alexander NAUMENKO1, Dimitri ZUBOV2
International Rock Gardener, Scottish Rock Garden Club 140: 2-26 (2021)
1’Nova Zahrada’ nursery, Mořice, Czech Republic
2State Institute for Genetic and Regenerative Medicine, National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine; Kyiv, Ukraine

Naumenko and Zubov 2021


Fritillaria rugillosa (Liliaceae), a new fritillary species endemic to the Fergana Valley (Jalal-Abad Region, southern Kyrgyzstan), is described and illustrated. Morphological differences between the new species and other possibly related taxa of the subgen. Rhinopetalum (F. stenanthera, F. gibbosa, and F. karelinii) are discussed. Photographs (habitat and morphology) and distribution maps are provided.

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