NEWS 2022

MEMENTO by Laurence Hill at The 254th Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2022

CLIMATE: theme for 2022 co-ordinated by Alison Wilding RA
In the Large Weston Room jointly curated by architect Níall Mclaughlin and artist Rana Begum
Royal Academy of Arts
Burlington House
United Kingdom
21 June - 21 August 2022

RA Summer Exhibtion 2022

Memento looks back from the future; a warning that the biodiversity of the Earth that we enjoy today will be lost to subsequent generations. Printed as a negative it takes on an ephemeral quality reflecting the fate of plants against anthropogenetic climate change.

The work also looks at how artists seek validation through their use of materials and techniques. Early photographic methods and equipment are increasingly employed within contemporary photographic practice. Aims vary from aesthetic to modern investigations of these foundational methods or a form of virtue signalling. The nostalgia associated with analogue techniques are presumed to carry higher value with an audience that digital methods which are inherently, but mistakenly, seen as easier to execute.

This photograph is a composite digital image combining a colour plant portrait of Fritillaria imperialis Rubra Maxima, a 19th Century glass plate negative, plus additional elements crafted using a digital pen and graphic pad. Taking a digital approach to creating an analogue style image raises questions about the environmental impact of traditional vs contemporary methods and materials.

Memento _ RA Summer Exhibition

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