The aim of the Fritillaria Icones project is to provide detailed standardized images of living material to aid identification by a broad user group, including non-traditional users of botanical information. Each image set show currently accepted diagnostic characters plus other morphological and physiological elements that are otherwise poorly represented within the existing literature. These images endeavour to increase understanding of the genus. An essential principle of the project is to keep it simple and accessible, therefore practical, whilst maintaining high image quality. Users are encouraged to make comments and criticism.

Fritillaria Icones image set
Fritillaria Icones Image Set

Species names reflect a consensus view of the genus by authorities from different geographic regions together with the most recent genetic investigations. Taxonomic and other information are continuously reviewed. Names used in the most recent treatments are not automatically adopted. Each image set is numbered so that any taxonomic revision can be clearly reconciled to changes in nomenclature on future visits to the website. Citations should reference either the accession number and collection or the URL which includes the accession number within the specific character string. Ambiguous labels such as 'Trusted' or 'Reviewed' are avoided as each image set is evidenced in the data box.

Fritillaria bulb frame
Fritillaria bulb frame

The core of the Fritillaria Icones project is a living collection of more than 600 Fritillaria accessions. In developing the collection new acquisitions are considered on the following basis:

To have at least one example of each accepted taxa. Where an individual species shows variability the aim is to include multiple examples to represent this variation.

Fritillaria kurdica 4
Variation in Fritillaria kurdica

To include material from or near the type locality. Where a species has a wide distribution the collection needs to reflect the species across its geographic range, even if no variation has been reported.

Fritillaria camschatcensis has distribution
Fritillaria camschatcensis has a widespread distribution

To include material associated with a particular collector or to generate e-vouchers for important published work.

Fritillaria Research Papers
Fritillaria Research

To assist specific ongoing research.

Donations are always welcome where the material offered was acquired in compliance with relevant national and international laws and conventions. Some accessions are subject to various restrictions by donor institutions.

Fritillaria seed packets
Fritillaria seeds

Part of the conservation role of the Fritillaria Icones project is ex situ propagation and distribution of rare and unusual material for various purposes to reduce pressure on wild populations.

Fritillaria a family portrait

Fritillaria Icones Exhibits

A list of exhibits showcasing work from the Fritillaria Icones Project

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